A short documentary film by Jesse David Harris, about the creative and material process in the creation of Paula Hayes' installation, Land Mind, for the Lever House Art Collection.      


The film follows the journey made by Paula's creations from inspiration to fruition. Detailing the many complicated steps of molding, casting and polishing the 240 gallon, acrylic resin aquarium, as well as choosing the various tropical plants, and the delicate process of installing this work of living art in the lobby of the Lever House. Paula's monograph will be released May 15 by Monacelli Press.      


Paula's generosity in allowing complete access to all the intricate facets involved in the creation of this amazing piece of living art was instrumental in the making of this film. Paula's monograph will be published by Monacelli Press, and available May 15, 2012.


LAND MIND BY PAULA HAYES - THE MAKING OF from Jesse David Harris on Vimeo.